Top 10 Rock/Metal Bands

1 Ten Thousand Fists Disturbed

Disturbed is Probably the best new age metal rock band that keeps the beat flowing and keeps you wondering what they are saying.

2 Faceless Godsmack

I feel that Godsmack is awesome and has not been acknowledged or recognized as much as my other favourite bands

3 The Battle of Los Angeles Rage Against the Machine

This band has rock soul and has probably also got the best drummer in any kind of band other than the Legendary drummer from RUSH and gets you swinging

4 Life Is Peachy Korn

Korn is by far one of the early 90’s metal groups with I think the best singer out of all of my groups and is right below Godsmack

5 Toxicity System of a Down

They have priceless songs like Chop Suey, Aerials, Sugar, And Spiders that you cannot get out of any other band and their rhythm is there

6 Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. Slipknot

Their music is just so catchy and has some killer tunes that are lyrically easy to remember so watch out

7 Hybrid Theory Linkin Park

You cant go wrong with Linkin Park because they have righteous and awesome songs

8 Break the Cycle Staind

Staind is probably one of the bands with the worst singer and still is good but they will always be known for their hit track It’s Been Awhile

9 The Better Life 3 Doors Down

This band is almost like Nickelback exactly except they were also a one song miracle from Kryptonite but they have got cool rythm

10 All the Right Reasons Nickelback

Nickelback is a rock band of course with unreplaceable songs like Someday, How You Remind Me, and Figured You Out and is not quite as good as any other artists on my list